Any type of home remodel may require electric upgrades such as additional loads for any new appliances, repair/replacement, or simple outlet upgrades. Before any construction work begins, consider where you would like additional outlets, switches, or a built-in sound system. Now is the time to make these decisions before itís too late.


We proudly employee professional electricians. From evaluating your current home to make electrical recommendations, our experts will help troubleshoot small mishaps such as breakers, fuser replacement, service upgrades, outlet/switch replacement, electrical design suggestions, install standard or special light fixtures, Shtini Construction can help you with and anything, and everything electrical!

    • Consultation: We provide complimentary estimates for all our first-time clients.
    • Update: Your home remodel will require new outlets or lighting, now it the time.
    • Endless options: Make all the electrical changes youíve wanted like new dimmer switches, or install a custom light fixture.
    • We handle it all: Kitchen, bathroom, living room, front, and backyard, and anywhere else around the house!
    • Our promise: Let us help you address all your electrical needs!